Come to Tilley H-D® of Salisbury for your H.O.G® Renewal Form. Visit our web site www.salisburyhog.com. The Salisbury, NC Chapter # 2019 was established in 2000.

What is H.O.G®?

H.O.G® is the Harley® Owners Group, a group of Harley-Davidson® motorcycle riders and enthusiasts. There are two separate H.O.G® memberships: the National H.O.G® and the local Salisbury Chapter.

What do H.O.G® members do?

H.O.G® members come from many different backgrounds but they have one important thing in common: passion for riding and for Harley-Davidson®. They are active members of the community who ride to have fun - and also to support charitable community events.

Who can join the local chapter?

Membership is open to anyone who shares our enthusiasm for motorcycling and has an H-D® VIN and a National H.O.G® membership. You can join as many local H.O.G® chapters as you like. Local Chapter application and renewal information (including fees) is available by emailing the Chapter Secretary listed on our website: www.salisburyhog.com.

How do I join the National H.O.G®?

You can join online by clicking here or call 1-800-CLUB-H.O.G®

When do you meet?

Chapter meetings are the third Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at Tilley Harley-Davidson® of Salisbury. Anyone interested in joining is invited. You must hold a National H.O.G® card to join a local chapter.

Are there any special activities for women?

Absolutely! Every female member of H.O.G® and the Salisbury Chapter is invited to participate in the Ladies of Harley® program.